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Dating an actress

A great social life Even if the actor you are dating is not very successful, he can still make for an exciting social life.

He will be ready to accompany you to all the movies and plays you want instead of wanting to go bowling with his beer buddies.

Thus they carry themselves well and know makeup tricks that play up the best part of their appearance.

Apart from being good-looking, they are also entertaining, funny and creative.

In fact actors are usually the least judgmental people around, very liberal and a great deal of fun to be with.

A glitzy lifestyle If your partner is a famous actor, you can bask in the glow that reflects off every celebrity.

According to a news report, Indian fans have been missing Mahira Khan after she returned to her home country following the ban on Pakistani artistes from working in Indian entertainment industry.

Even if not blessed with the chiseled looks of a Greek god, actors know a thing or two about physical presence.

“They’re enjoying spending time together,” the source says. News of their relationship comes just weeks after Slate split from her husband of nearly four years, Dean Fleischer-Camp.

Evans and Slate, both 34, met while filming the upcoming drama star, they ended up having an immediate connection.

Better still, you are likely to get tickets for free or at least at highly discounted rates.

He may not be well known himself, but he may know a couple of people who were his co-actors in the early days and have now become stars.

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