Datingtemptation com

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Datingtemptation com

Oftentimes, God is thought of as one who wants to put restrictions on us and has us give up earthly pleasures. – Warriors often wore sandals with small nails, similar to spikes, for stability in fighting.

In reality, he is trying to protect us from making poor choices (giving in to premarital temptations) and refocus us on things that bring eternal pleasures. Our stability and peace comes from the knowledge that Jesus overcame death in order for us to have life.

singles struggle with the temptation of physical desires.

For those of you who don’t struggle with this temptation, Praise God!

There is no honor lost for running away from a temptation that is wrong in God’s eyes.Our desires physically are probably going to be the same, whether single or married, and if not fulfilled these desires can lead to action—ones with disastrous and life-long repercussions.David and Joseph King David and Joseph will always be remembered—King David often for his infidelity and Joseph for his “heroism” in fleeing from sexual temptation.Armor of God These are our defensive weapons: It is one thing to read, study and memorize verses in the Bible, but it’s another thing to actually apply what we read to our everyday life.When we read the Bible, we are held accountable in God’s eyes for what we read.

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