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There are three million bagels exported from the U. annually, and it has a 4%-of-duty classification of Japan in 2000.Some Japanese bagels, such as those sold by BAGEL & BAGEL At its most basic, traditional bagel dough contains wheat flour (without germ or bran), salt, water, and yeast leavening.The bagel came into more general use throughout North America in the last quarter of the 20th century with automation.Daniel Thompson started work on the first commercially viable bagel machine in 1958; bagel baker Harry Lender, his son, Murray Lender, and Florence Sender leased this technology and pioneered automated production and distribution of frozen bagels in the 1960s. Bagel K created green tea, chocolate, maple-nut, and banana-nut flavors for the market in Japan.Similarly, another etymology in the Webster's New World College Dictionary says that the Middle High German form was derived from the Austrian German beugel, a kind of croissant, and was similar to the German bügel, a stirrup or ring.

Bagels were brought to the United States by immigrant Polish Jews, with a thriving business developing in New York City that was controlled for decades by Bagel Bakers Local 338, They had contracts with nearly all bagel bakeries in and around the city for its workers, who prepared all their bagels by hand.

The steam bagel is not considered to be a genuine bagel by purists, as it results in a fluffier, softer, less chewy product more akin to a finger roll that happens to be shaped like a bagel.

Steam bagels are considered lower quality by purists as the dough used is intentionally more alkaline.

The first known mention of the bagel, in 1610, was in Jewish community ordinances in Kraków, Poland.

Bagels are now a popular bread product in North America, especially in cities with a large Jewish population, many with alternative ways of making them.

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Some may have salt sprinkled on their surface, and there are different dough types, such as whole-grain or rye.

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