Friendtex online dating

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Friendtex online dating

I tried to look at it through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time, worn out and in need of replacing, but I couldn’t.I could only see it as my old friend, which is why I was trying so hard to clean and fix it.Now the time has come I literally feel like I am on the ceiling, feeling incredibly empowered and liberated. Grateful to have this opportunity to fully express my skills and abilities through this venture, grateful to have had such a loyal team support me over the years in my last role, grateful for the mentor who asked me a couple of years ago where I want to be in 5 years time, grateful for bosses that have always let me do my own thing, and most importantly, grateful to all the family and friends who have listened to me as I have talked, cried, and talked my way through most of this year as I have been working my way through this big change.I scrubbed my nearly-30 year old rucksack with a bowl of warm soapy water whilst sitting in the garden. With the success of ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ last year that took us by storm, we are embracing their clean aesthetics and warm approach to life. With an emphasis on comfort and minimalism, the Danish retail concept ‘Friendtex’ offers modern, classic and elegant clothing.I was delighted to be asked to try out some of their current collection and to learn more about the Friendtex brand. I seem to own a wardrobe full of cropped black trousers but these are my favourite for fit, comfort and how they look, no question.Add to that my experience of transforming a function so it is at the cutting edge of digital solutions in HR and L&D terms, and I can add real value and insight.

So if you want to wear something different that isn’t on the High Street, and if you want a different kind of retail experience, then check out Friendtex.

I was concerned that my experience as a generalist within the HR field would not be enough.

A mentoring session provided a helpful challenge with the thought shared ‘generalists are underrated’.

The clothes are available through home-shopping consultants, thus offering a more personal way to shop. The stetch in the fabric makes them easy to wear, and the length was great, just skimming my ankle, meaning for my 5ft 11” frame they are a slight crop.

Apparently, these are known by loyal customers as the ‘magic trousers’ as they suit all shapes and sizes.

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They come in slim fit or straight leg for those that prefer a wider cut.