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Gta v skatepark online dating

One of the simplest rewards in GTA 5 is the clicking of a free-wheeling BMX as you glide down a giant hill.

It may have (once upon a time) cost me actual health to get to the top of it, but mounting the summit and beginning that leisurely cruise to the bottom is a blissful thing.

On my first attempt, I smashed the door on the way in, making quite the entrance.

I then rode up to the store clerk, let off a single shot and he was filling the till in no time.

However, as the greatest marriage of man and machine in an open-world videogame, GTA 5's bikes will keep me happy forever.

The Glen Park Skate Park is a skate and BMX park located in Glen Park, Los Santos.

Cycling to the ridge of a mountain at sunset is probably GTA 5 at its most beautiful and serene; a virtual being in a virtual world, happy to be soaking it in rather than having to do all those awful crimes.

I did a fair amount of leisure cycling in GTA 5's story mode, partly as relief from the sheer psychological impact of the characters' downright awfulness.

Especially if you ride off while flipping the bird.

That, and the simple fact that the great outdoors is a fabulous place to explore by bike.

There's a multitude of downhill runs to find, marked or otherwise.

It's a peach to land it plausibly, and prompts a microscopic tear in my eye every time.

Mostly because there are no Tony Hawk trick titles flashing up in the left corner.

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Then there are the skate parks and their abundant photo opportunities.

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