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He has a younger brother, Rohan Yadav (Salman Khan) who he wishes to see as a successful and good lawyer.

Manohar's wife starts to teach Ravi English so he can get a good job when he goes to Mumbai and that he can afford Rohan's school and college expenses, but Manohar feels insecure and plans to jail Ravi.

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Vicky lives a wealthy lifestyle with his widower dad, J. Since he has matured, his dad would like him to get married to Sonia, who is the daughter of his friend, D. See full summary » Saajan is a college youth, enjoying his life, meets with Kajal the girl of his dreams at a brothel.

See full summary » Although neighbors Fateh Khan and Sher Khan are sworn enemies which brew from generation to generation.

When Sher Khan Son Salman and Fateh Khan Daughter Ruksar fall in love both the ...

Ravi is sent to prison for a crime which he never committed and Rohan is adopted by Renuka's friend Yashoda.

Years later, Ravi, a branded criminal is released from prison and Rohan, a successful lawyer now known as Vasu Gujral, clash with each other unaware of the fact that they are real brothers.

See full summary » Hawaldar found on illegal new born baby boy in the gutter of Kamathipura, a red light area of Bombay.Everyone gets to know about what happened and Payal is reuntied with her mother whom she was told has died. Ravi is shot by Manohar, Renuka wants to kill Manohar but Ravi who is taking his last breaths tells her not to.Payal goes to her house to confront her father, Manohar. He returns but Vasu catches him and starts beating him, Ravi is arrested.In the police station, Renuka comes rushing because her memory has returned.

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