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Intersystems documentation online dating

I finally managed to get a working solution so I'm adding this for sharing it to give a fully step by step guide.

Here is what I needed to do: In Ensemble: I added a "Java Gateway" service of "Ens Lib. Service" configured with as the address and 55555 as Port (these are default values I think). I wrote this as Java code and exported it as a Jar archive: "Java Gateway Assistant": I selected Jar File, gave the full path, the above values, clicked on "Next", ckecked the class to import and clicked "Finish".

So, I was wondering if someone can provide a full example, correct me or explain what I'm doing wrong?

Here is what I have for now: My simple java class - write date and time in a file I used this post but I don't know how he got it working: Intersystems Caché with Java Gateway - Pass parameter as

UPD: You tried to do import java classes, but in the wrong way.Rapid advances in software technology drive the need for continuous learning.Inter Systems Learning Services offers anytime, anywhere education that enables you to unlock the full power of our technology for your organization’s long-term growth and success.If you look at the documentation, you will see definition for method Sorry, I missed this line.%Import does import Java classes, but by name, not by jar.

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Thank you DAi Mor for your help with some of my errors and sorry for my english and if the menus don't have exactly the names I wrote (I'm belgian and working on a French version of Studio and Ensemble).

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