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I have also received crazy comments from girls like 'I could still smell you on me the next day'.

I have rarely worn this without receiving a positive comment.

slick, also very classy _ refined, in another sense it has a rugged masculine edge too.

Still easily lasts all day with a couple sprays with moderate-to-strong sillage.

Second, what they did accomplish with this reformulation is in my opinion an improvement over the vintage.

This Frag adds a huge breath of life layers atop things like Fierce, augmenting the composition in every way and refining it down as well. Recently I again purchased Iksir 536 eau de parfum from Turkey.

after 5 hours more or less, I can begin to pick up a very beautiful material, almost completely realistic cedar/sandalwood accord, but w/ just enough of a modern synthetic palette (a good thing, don’t want to smell like a hippie health grocery store) literally perfect. Now it is darker but still a great substitute for someone on a budget.

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After using the new batch u must say the projection is a semi beast. Don’t get me wrong iso e super is one of my favorite scents out there and I love how complex it is and the variation there is between different batches made by different companies.

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