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He agrees to be a guinea pig for a new shot that it is hoped will dissolve the bullet, and it’s working, only the side effects are similar to the super-soldier serum used on Steve Rogers to turn him into Captain America. Back in the States he gets a call from his Uncle Richard, telling him he’s inherited some dough from his grandfather.

Well as I prepare myself for this years Comic Con I have added a number of new comics to the museum’s collection that only a true collector of Black comic book superheros would have.

In Vegas Ruby examines the boots, discovers the heroin, and they put in a call to Brick: It turns out, meanwhile, that The Claw and his men have some kind of fascist commune out in the desert, and they’re funding the build up of a private army by selling drugs.

The Wild Bunch manage to escape to freedom, jumping a chasm on their bikes (this was in the age of Evel Knievel! Claw, however, had already flown off in his chopper to get the boots from Slink and the girls in Vegas.

There are two features in the comic book – The Butterfly, and The Wild Bunch – but instead of making them separate entities, both stories are a part of the bigger Hell-Rider story.

We’re going to pick up the story at the Butterfly chapter, because she happens to be the first Black female superhero in comics.

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Instead he goes out to the West Coast, and starts riding with a gang of Hell’s Angels known as The Wild Bunch, living a debauched lifestyle. His tour of duty is just about over when he’s caught in an ambush and badly wounded.