Temperament rationals dating

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Temperament rationals dating

Organizer types stay scheduled, prepared, organized and on task. On the left side of the wheel are the Cultivating Organizer types that have Idealist before Rational.These types stay aware of others personal situations and provide support for peoples needs.The Constructive Designer types on the right side of the wheel have Rational before Idealist.They know how to improvise new techniques and strategies to solve problems quickly and effectively.There are 24 combinations of temperament order, so 24 Introvert types and 24 Extrovert types; 48 types total.In the type names below, the four lowercase colored letters after the dot tell you the order of the temperaments and the I or E at the beginning tells Extrovert or Introvert.Although types on the same role wheel span different temperaments and have different goals, they have similar social communication styles and work patterns.

This is the only Keirsey name adopted that was moved to a different type.

On the left side of the wheel are the Artistic Designer types that have Idealist before Rational.

These types know how to balance and manipulate shape, form, color, sound and feeling to create compositions that reach people.

The Rationals (NT) are in the top-right of each role wheel.

The Guardians (SJ) and Artisans (SP) are in the bottom half of different role wheels.

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