Updating ecdis dvd

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Updating ecdis dvd

AVCS customers receive ENC updates on a weekly basis through four available means: CD, DVD, e-mail or download.It is essential that updates are installed regularly to comply with SOLAS Chapter V requirements, ensure proper operation of the ECDIS and navigate safely.

UKHO certificates bearing the ship name and licence expiry date are provided to all ships with AVCS installed.This certificate confirms that all the chart carriage requirements of SOLAS Chapter V are met when using ENCs in AVCS.Additionally, the UKHO certificate is provided as a digital file that may be printed or viewed through ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station, which often aids in expediting local flag state and port inspections.Automatically, new ENCs are added to folio holdings as soon as they become available, ensuring that ships always have the up-to-date data reflecting their chosen level of coverage.Alternatively, all ENCs within AVCS are available on an individual, chart-by-chart basis providing precise coverage and voyage flexibility when necessary.

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In the instance where a majority of major ports are close in proximity such as in a complex waterway (e.g.

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