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Ver pelicula inmaduros online dating

Writer- director Paolo Genovese indeed imagines that, due to a technical error, the final year exam results of a group of forty year olds have been canceled.

If the persons in question want to retain a secondary school degree, they will have to retake and ... This is how Giorgio, Lorenzo, Piero, Luisa, Virgilio and Francesca, who used to be friends twenty-odd years before, are reunited.

"Immaturi" is another proof that, despite what doom-sayers keep claiming, transalpine cinema is kicking and alive.

See full summary » James meets John, a close friend of his, with whom he had quarreled three years ago and persuades him to go visit their third friend Aldo, who is dying in Sicily. See full summary » Twenty years ago, while they were 12th grade students, Giorgio, Lorenzo, Piero, Luisa, Virgilio and Francesca were a high-spirited band.

Son Luisa (Barbora Bobulova, 'Manuale d'amore 2 (Corregido y aumentado)'), Francesca (Ambra Angiolini, 'No basta una vida'), Giorgo (Raoul Bova, 'Perdona si te llamo amor'), Lorenzo (Ricky Memphis), Piero (Luca Bizarri) y Virgilio (Paolo Kessisoglu).

Con un montón de responsabilidades encima, todos están inmersos en sus diferentes crisis personales.

Hace veinte años que Giorgio, Lorenzo, Piero, Luisa, Virgilio y Francesca fueron compañeros de colegio y también amigos.

Seis amigos del instituto que se acercan a la cuarentena y que tienen que asumir que ya se encuentran lejos de sus días de esplendor.

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My own favorite (but don't repeat it to the others, for they are all very good! But what definitely makes "Immaturi" a superior comedy (not a masterpiece since it lacks the tragic dimension pervading "Ugly, Dirty and Bad" and The Terrace") is the delicate balance Genovese manages to find and to maintain between fun on the one hand (most often emanating from the characters' "unbearable lightness") and emotion on the other (as the protagonists muddle toward maturity).