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Watch snow tom cavanagh online dating

Felicity met Oliver while working in the IT department at Queen Consolidated, when he asked her for many favors related to his vigilante activities. When she was very young, her father abandoned her and her mother.

She discovered his secret and despite some initial reservations joined his team, coining the name "Team Arrow", and after many adventures, the two fell in love. She reportedly lived in Las Vegas with her mother until she went to college.

Walter summoned Felicity up to his office, but she mistakenly believed she was going to be fired.

She continued to work with Team Arrow, using the code-name Overwatch, until she and Oliver broke up.

However, due to an implantable bio-stimulant created by Curtis Holt, she was soon able to walk again.

Later on, Felicity dyed her hair blonde, changing her image leaving her hacktivist days behind her, saying "this is the new me." Felicity graduated from MIT with a master's degree in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences.

Later on she moved to Starling City to work at Queen Consolidated. Upon introducing himself, Felicity accidentally mentioned his father's death, backtracking apologetically and ending up babbling at him, which amused Oliver.

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