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Maggie finds out that she was accepted into Central Connecticut State, even though she didn’t get any financial aid.

Mouse brings up the idea of getting a loan, something that Maggie doesn’t want to do, both for the debt it would put her in and the fact that she isn’t that excited to go to what Mouse has described as an inferior school.

The two then run into Donna as she helps with recruitment week, a time when army recruiters set up tables in the school hallway for two weeks with the hopes of enlisting people.

Maggie rattles off the list of pros that the recruiter fed her, but she didn’t stop to think about having to cut her hair short, not getting stationed in the place she wanted, and having to wake up at a.m. Since she can’t even do a proper pushup, Maggie decides that she has to get herself out of this predicament; problem is, she and Mouse can’t do this alone, so Mouse calls in Donna and Donna’s boobs to come in and save the day.

It’s nearing Valentine’s Day in New York and Carrie goes over to Sebastian’s apartment to check on the status of their reserves at One If By Land, Two If By Sea.

The two have their table reserved, but Carrie’s mind is more focused on the ransacked state of the apartment, including Larissa’s Chaise lounge, and Sebastian’s seemingly endless supply of skateboarding products.

The plan is to get on the army base and talk the recruiter into letting her out of the agreement, something that Maggie agrees to despite not being able to eat or touch the radio in Donna’s car.

Meanwhile, the group makes it to Boy, which is full of drag queens, go-go dancers, and leather daddies, a den of bumping, grinding, and gyrating.

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Larissa tries to tell her that it’s no use getting so worked up by trying to have the perfect Valentine’s Day and that the whole holiday in general is dreadful.

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